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HAUS & HOME Upholstery Academy on

Do you love your sofa?

HAUS & HOME Upholstery Academy was created with you in mind! Yes, you! Designer, decorator, or design aficionado, I see you buying the big name brand pieces and holding your breath that it will come out all right! 

Buying upholstered pieces can feel like a huge leap of faith! When you can't actually sit on a custom piece, it seems the only option left is a big box mass produced frame with limited options and questionable quality.  Or maybe even worse? Plopping down good money for an online bargain, knowing full well it will be curbside in a couple of years.


With over 9.8 million tons of furniture dumped each year, how can you be sure you are getting a piece that will last, be comfortable and be a value for years and years to come?! 

Upholstery Academy to the rescue! With over 20 years in the interior design industry, 6 of those as an upholstery studio owner, I've had the unique opportunity to see how furniture endures our busy lives. I know which fabric types wear well, which upholstery styles accommodate different body shapes and what holds up - and what doesn't.