I get it. You've been down this path before with “decorators.” You’ve trusted them with both your vision and your dollars only to be let down on both counts. Maybe you fell into buying an entire room plan from a big brand store and it never felt “like you”. Maybe you were swayed by the glossy catalog image of what looked like the perfect sofa, only to find it uncomfortable and virtually unusable after less than a year! You’ve probably bought, (and returned) so many pillows, lamps, and rugs, that your partner probably thinks you have a shopping issue and frankly just doesn’t "understand what the problem is!" The whole decorating experience has been such a waste of both time and money that you are gun shy about letting anyone give you input.  I understand and that is why my process is different.

Ideally, you want to see options.  You want to share in the experience, feeling like you can bring suggestions and ideas to the table too! You know you aren’t a designer, but the dreaming, imagining and internet cruising is fun! And isn’t this supposed to be fun? But somehow, it isn’t anymore, and you just want it done already so that you can focus on the things that really matter…


Richelle Plett


Utilizing her extensive knowledge of fabrics and furniture construction, Richelle creates timeless spaces that highlight her client’s personal aesthetic.  Her desire to “furnish forward,” using the best possible materials, results in value for years to come.  Each client’s project is unique, focusing on quality pieces rather than disposable design.  

Armed with both hands-on and formal education in design, Richelle adds her background in social psychology to ease her clients through the sometimes emotionally stressful transitions of life that are often the impetus for change.  She strives to make the design process not only straight forward, but a pleasant experience!  

 Offering full service interior design and re-model project management, three-phase project packages, and online design services, Richelle looks forward to working with you on your next project!

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