Our Design Process

At Haus & Home, we recognize that your project is as unique as your reason for wanting change! Maybe you have been dreaming of taking back your home now that the kids are moved out (or almost moved out) and you can't stand looking at that kool-aid stained sofa anymore! What's more? You've been living in "shabby chic" since before it was a real thing.  Perhaps you inherited some really great furniture that has sentimental value, but you're clueless about how to integrate it into your home. Maybe you're experiencing huge life changes and its time to reclaim your own style! Envision the home where you want to live, and together we can make that happen!

How do we start? With a quick phone chat. During that time, you can tell me what needs and dreams are for the space. Feel free to ask any questions about our THREE PHASE PROCESS and how your project might be a good fit. Some clients come to us armed with only ideas, some come with projects half finished, and some are "functionally finished" but can't seem to get the final touches just right. Our three phase process is comprised of multiple steps designed to keep your project moving forward, on time and within budget. 

If after our chat we decide to move forward, we'll meet with you during an in-home consultation. We will go over details such as your goals for the space, your design direction, how the space functions (or doesn't), your time-frame for completion, and your budget. Be prepared to hit the ground running and take plenty of notes! I will provide as much design advice, direction and recommendations as possible during our initial consultation!  We also review the terms of our Letter of Agreement which you will sign later.