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Who knew there were SO MANY shades of greige? Wait, what's greige?

If the idea of finding the perfect shade of paint fills you with dread and you find yourself frozen with fear standing in front of a bunch of harmless paint chips, then you've come to the right place! I will come to your home or office and help make this difficult decision with you. Together, we will assess the natural and supplemental light, talk about durability and finishes and if after all of that, you just want somebody else to sling a paintbrush for you, I know some people.

Beige? Greige? or COLOR?

Color consultations are perfect for when you don't what color to use where.  


  •   On-site assessment of space and lighting
  •   Estimating quantity of paint you will need to cover your area
  •   One hour of on-site consultation time

I will come with my own box of paint chips, but you are welcome to add your own too!