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"RIGHT-SIZING" Its a real thing

      Okay, so it isn't a "glamorous" part of design, but it is definitely a real thing.  There’s a lifetime of memories in your home and editing can be an overwhelming task! Regardless of your reasons to reclaim your home, our design team can de-stress the mess!

     Right away, we’ll tackle the easy decisions (donate the Fisher Price toys) and the harder ones (keep the MIL’s china…for now). Then we’ll discuss your design goals and create an intentional action plan for your home.  A place for everything, pared down to just the essentials that make your life easier or just plain bring you joy!

I estimate a minimum of 6 hours for this project, which we will kick off in two seperate 3 hour sessions.  Additional hours are available at $125 each. If we need to bring in estate sale experts, clean out organizations or my favorite real estate agent for additional assistance, we are here to support every step of the way!

This service does not include specific product specification.

right-size package:
Get Right-Sized!

What's included:

This package outlines an estimated 6 hours designed to get the ball rolling, but can be customized to fit your needs and the scope of project.

  • In-home meeting to assess your space and furnishings, discuss your goals, and create a To-do list for both of us (estimated duration of 2 hours)
  • Refer trusted tradespeople (movers, painters, general contractors, architects or design build professionals, and even real estate agents) as needed (estimated duration of 1-2 hours) 
  • Develop a furniture plan and color scheme for your new or improved home using existing furniture, new furniture, or a combination of the two (estimated duration of 2 hours)

If client requests additional hours, an hourly rate of $125 will be implemented.