Interior design is a very personal thing. 

Trusting someone else to capture a vision of your space can feel intimidating, especially if you aren’t quite sure what that vision is.  Will my home look like me or like this designer?  Or worse - like a slick magazine layout where no one can really LIVE?

So before you entrust me with your home and your pocketbook, let me demystify my design process!

For each new client, I want to design a space that will be still relevant in twenty years - classic in its foundation and saturated with the character and experiences of the people living there.  Creating a comfortable home takes both time and patience.  I like to create a layered effect that appears to have evolved naturally over years, with found treasures and heirloom pieces restored to meet modern demands. The greatest compliment I've received from clients is that I "got them"! This experience is about you, and your goals for your home.

Furnish Forward is the motto I strongly adhere to for both myself and my design clients. I'm committed to creating environments that endure both stylistically and functionally, just like that one time investment in an exquisite cashmere coat - or killer Italian black leather pumps. Quality never goes out of style! With my experienced eye, I can assist you selecting both new and vintage pieces that will last generations.

My design background is rooted in both education and hands-on experience.   I also have a degree in social psychology – it helps more than you would think!   Interior design is more than drawing a pretty picture and playing with fabrics.  Experience has taught me how things are put together and that cutting corners just won't work -- for long.

Rest assured, you’ll have final approval each step of the way.  We can create a long term plan together to accommodate your time and budget needs, we can complete one room at a time, or I can "just do it" making the final vision magically appear. Whether we are completely remodeling your home to improve function and flow or just freshening your fabrics and surfaces, I look forward to working with you to make your home a space where you long to be!


Richelle Plett

Owner & Interior Designer

Utilizing her extensive knowledge of fabrics and furniture construction, Richelle creates timeless spaces that highlight her client’s personal aesthetic.  Her desire to “furnish forward,” using the best possible materials, results in value for years to come.  Each client’s project is unique, focusing on quality pieces rather than disposable design.  

Armed with both hands-on and formal education in design, Richelle adds her background in social psychology to ease her clients through the sometimes emotionally stressful transitions of life that are often the impetus for change.  She strives to make the design process not only straight forward, but a pleasant experience!  

 Offering full service interior design and re-model project management, three-phase project packages, and online design services, Richelle is happy to work with you on your next project!

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